Lost your Mojo

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Lost your mojo?


Christmas is over, it is still cold and dark out there…but don't let that be a reason for you not to get on with your running! Try to concentrate on the one reason that brought you to running in the first place. A clear focus can work magic on your motivation.


Keeping a written diary is a highly successful way to stick with an exercise programme. Write down every time you complete a run and how far/for how long you ran, and take pride in watching those numbers build up. (Or feel guilty when they don't! That'll get you out.)


When you get discouraged or hit a plateau, remember the time and effort you have invested and the progress you've made. You don't want to slide backwards, you want to keep working towards the progress ahead.


One of the best ways to stick with your exercise programme is to get a training partner or join a running group. When someone is counting on you as much as you're counting on them, it's much tougher to blow out a workout. One or two partners is good, a group is even better.


Most beginners worry that they're not improving fast enough. Don't compare yourself with others. Every runner gets into shape according to their own body's schedule.


If you feel out of breath or sick, you're running too fast. Slow down and take more walk breaks. Running should be a relaxed activity, and you should 'train, not strain'. And, yes, beginning running includes lots of walking.


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