Nutrition and Running


Small changes can make a BIG difference! 

Fuelling to enhance performance or getting your diet right to lose weight - whatever your nutritional needs are, I can help!

Do you want to be in control of your food choices, stop restrictions and cravings,  lose inches off your waistline and feel confident, happy and full of energy? 

Or you might want to eat better and healthier to perform better and to help fuel right for your training?  

There are lots of areas in your life that can effect your weight gain as well as prevent you from loosing weight. Stress, lack of sleep, what we eat, when we eat, what we don't eat etc are all important parts of the puzzle of successfull weight loss. 

Achieving and maintaining a healthy diet, lifestyle and weight can be challenging, especially in a today's society where food and snacks are constantly available. Not eating enough can slow down your metabolic rate and lead to fatigue in the same way as eating too much of the wrong things will be stored as body fat. Finding the right balance is key to feeling good, stay healthy and happy and have enough energy to last you the whole day. 

If you are fed up with fad diets and want to try something that will keep your weight off for good then get in touch today for a free consultation to learn how I can help you achieve this. 

Carrying around too much weight feels uncomfortable, and it can also damage your health. Obesity rates have skyrocketed and more and more people are getting diagnosed with diabetes type 2. We live in a fast developing world and our eating habits have changed dramatically over the last century, with takeways, fast-food and ready meals having changed the way our meals are prepared and eaten.

But what we tend to forget is that our bodies still function the same way as they did hundreds of years ago and have not adapted to these new eating habits or the amount of time we spend sitting down. 

If you stayed in bed all day, our body still use about 1000 calories. This is just for your body to perform basic life-sustaining functions. When we move and exercise, our bodies uses more energy and we therefore need to re fill those energy stores. Filling  them too much and and your fat deposits will overflow (we put on weight), not fuelling enough, or cutting out food groups (for example carbohydrates) will make the body think we are starving and will slow down your metabolism (which makes weight loss very difficult long term!). When we increase our training and exercise it is important to eat food that enhance performance as well as help our bodies to recover afterwards.    

Wouldn't it be nice to be in charge of your body, your food choices and know that what you give your body will promote health, energy and boost your confidence without feeling lethargic and hungry? Small changes can make a BIG difference!

I have spent many years studying nutrition and as a nutrition advisor I cover all areas of nutrition from; weight loss, sports nutrition, nutrition for older adults, vegetarians, vegans, pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Get in touch today to find out how I can help you! 


Weight loss - The 28 day kickstart! (£15)

  • Complete shopping list
  • 28 day meal plan incl snacks
  • Vegetarian alternatives
  • Easy recipes 
  • You won't go hungry!


If you are ready to stop dieting and get results that will last a lifetime, this is for you!  Meal and snack planning that will make you feel energized and satisfied. This is not a fad diet but a way of eating that you can carry on for life and enjoy at the same time!  You won't feel hungry or tired.



121 nutrition and weight loss plan (£35/session)  

  • Lose weight and inches!
  • Get back into your old jeans! 
  • Increase energy!
  • Stop cravings!
  • Feel amazing!
  • Includes a personal 121 nutrition consultation + the 28 day kickstart plan

If you are ready for a change, to achieve weight loss for life and to finally ditch the diets and understand that weight loss is much more than just eating less and exercising more - then get in touch today!  



What to eat to make the most of your training - before, during and after? (£35/session)  

  • How to re fuel your muscles and energy system
  • Best food before, during and after training 
  • Hydration
  • Includes a personal 121 nutrition consultation

Your body needs fuel to be able to perform but how much and what kind of food do we need to keep a balanced diet as well as fuel our bodies?   




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