If you are looking for a running group where you will get motivated, make progress, have fun and meet new people RunFit Essex is the one!



As individual as you are, your running training should be too.




As individual as you are, your running training should be to!


One of the best ways to enjoy running is  with a group making new friends in the process. Running with other people is a great motivator for both new and experienced runners!

Your first steps into a new fitness regime can be the most difficult and sometimes daunting, but with our positive approach and encouragement we will help you overcome this barrier in no time. With years of running, our aim is to share our experience with you and make sure you enjoy running as much as we do.

Regardless if you are a complete beginner or run regularly, you will benefit from one of our group sessions.  We aim to design fun, varied and social sessions that any runner of any ability can turn up to and feel right at home and enjoy.


  • Tuesday's in Admirals Park, Chelmsford 10:00-11:00
  • Thursday's in Beaulieu/Channels, Chelmsford 10:00-11:00

FREE!!! First session free so why not try it?! 

Thereafter, only £5 per session.

All sessions need to be pre booked! 


A running coach can be a tremendous asset in helping you develop and improve your running form and technique. By removing much of the guesswork that comes from not knowing how to properly train, a coach can guide you through the process and design a personalized training program based on your current level of fitness and your future goals, which is a huge benefit. 

Whether you are contemplating training for your first 5K race or are a seasoned runner looking to improve your performance, working with a running coach may help you reach your true potential.

Remember, you don’t need to be a novice or experienced runner to benefit from 1:1 coaching.

The sessions are always tailored to you, so even if you are just starting out, give us a call, drop us an email or come and have a chat about how we best can help you to achieve your individual goals. 

1:1 Coaching from £30 / hour


A training plan is an essential part of race preparation but can also help you to get started with your running.

  • Get a personalised training plan tailored for your individual needs and goals.

  • No need to worry about what you should and shouldn't be doing - it's all in the plan!

We always make sure that you find the plan challenging enough for your level and goals and usually do 1-2 weeks at a time to make sure you are on track.

In case of illness or other unexpected things popping up, we work with you to adjust the plan accordingly. Strength and mobility routines are also included to help you stay healthy and prevent injuries.

£30 for 4 weeks or £10 per week


Ideally, we would all have a knowledgeable local coach to meet with on a weekly basis, but such individuals are often hard to find and may not have the credentials you’re looking for.

You might live outside the UK or might be travelling a lot, have a hectic family life which only allows you to fit your training into your lunch hour. 

Online coaching can offer you 1:1 coaching advice with an additional training plan tailored for you.

Contact us to find out more!

£30 for 4 weeks or £10 per week

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