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Phone: 07818 005775

Qualifications:  UK Athletics Running Coach Level 3 - UK Athletics multi event coach Level 3 - ‘Premier’ Personal Trainer Level 3 - Diet and Nutrition Advisor Level 3, and Sports Psychology Level 3


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Running with other people is a great motivator for both new and experienced runners.

Regardless if you are a complete beginner or run regularly, you will benefit from one of our group sessions.

We aim to design fun, varied and social sessions that any runner of any ability can turn up to and feel right at home and enjoy.

With RunFit Essex you have access to UK Athletics qualified running coaches and can be sure to progress towards your running goals.

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Svetlana: "I have been training with RunFit for quite a few years now and I feel lucky to have found such a supportive, inclusive and social group of runners. I don't think I would still be running today without having joined it, as initially I found running quite hard (and I still find it challenging!). The support and advice of the experienced coaches Jana and Richard and the friendly atmosphere had me coming back time after time for the training sessions. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in running and keeping fit!" Svetlana

Helene: "Richard has been one of my coaches during the last eight years at RunFit Essex. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with a supportive and social group which cater for all abilities, never leaving anyone of us behind. It has definately helped me with the training for various 10km runs and a couple of 1/2 Marathons. Richard is very encouraging and supportive giving tips and advice on our running styles. The sessions have never been boring, making you feel great afterwards. I hope to be part of RunFit Essex for many years to come. Helene."

Sonja:I have been attending Runfit sessions for 8 years. This is a supportive and social group who welcome people of all levels. Richard is a fantastic coach who knows how to get that little extra from me during the session. Richard is passionate about running & this shines through with his encouragement, injury prevention and running technique advice . Without his support and encouragement I would not of improved my Park Run time or completed a half marathon. When I have been injured I have felt supported through my rehab & exercises have been adapted so I can still take part in the sessions. I would certainly recommend Runfit to all levels of runners." Sonja.

Laura: "I would encourage anyone, of any fitness level, to come along and try a RunFit session. Richard and Jana are passionate about their running and this shines through with their encouragement, technique support and injury prevention knowledge. Every session is different and tailored to the needs/ability of the group. I recently completed my first 10k race and now want to run further and faster! I absolutely have never considered myself to be a 'runner' but am now slightly addicted and this is down to the enjoyment I get from the RunFit sessions!

I have made some lovely new friends too which is an added bonus!"

Brian: " I have been a member of running classes given by Richard for a year. I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes which have given me the confidence to enter for my first marathon.

Under his guidance I have also entered a number of other races in preparation for the marathon. My Parkrun times have also improved as a result of his well structured classes. I would have no hesitation in recommending classes offered by Richard to other runners, both experienced and newcomers. "

Jimmy: " I have been trained by Richard for a little while now and have to say it is of very high standard and the good thing is its not fixed on each class what we are doing as Richard is always open to suggestions on what other things we would like to do ie more circuit or more cardio or straight down the middle 50/50 etc. When training is done with others i do like the way a little competition is incorporated into the sessions which ultimetly make you want to work harder especially if you have a slightly competitive edge like myself. I highly recommend Richard as he is a great coach and more than happy to help you reach your goals what ever they maybe. "

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