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Qualifications: UK Athletics Running Coach Lev 4 (endurance and events), Lev 4 Diploma in Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss and Nutrition for Sports and Exercise, Menopausal Wellness Coach, Circuit Training, Guide Runner, Post Natal Fitness  


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Qualifications: UK Athletics Running Coach Level 4 - UK Athletics multi event coach Level 3 – ‘Premier’ Personal Trainer Level 3 - Diet and Nutrition Advisor Level 3, and Sports Psychology Level 3


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Running with other people is a great motivator for both new and experienced runners.

Regardless if you are a complete beginner or run regularly, you will benefit from one of our group sessions.

We aim to design fun, varied and social sessions that any runner of any ability can turn up to and feel right at home and enjoy.

With RunFit Essex you have access to UK Athletics qualified running coaches and can be sure to progress towards your running goals.

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Laura: "I would encourage anyone, of any fitness level, to come along and try a RunFit session. Richard and Jana are passionate about their running and this shines through with their encouragement, technique support and injury prevention knowledge. Every session is different and tailored to the needs/ability of the group. I recently completed my first 10k race and now want to run further and faster! I absolutely have never considered myself to be a 'runner' but am now slightly addicted and this is down to the enjoyment I get from the RunFit sessions!

I have made some lovely new friends too which is an added bonus!"

Leanne: " The tailored training plan produced for me by Runfit Essex challenged me, kept me on track and progressing towards my goals. Jana adapted the plan to fit in with my work commitments and gave helpful advice throughout. I achieved both of my goals, an improved 5k time and finally a 10k in under an hour! Thank you! "

Sarah W.: " Jana has been a wonderfully motivational trainer for running. I’d been keen to get back into running after having my first child but my fitness wasn’t great and I was lacking motivation and confidence. As a long distance runner herself, Jana is always enthusiastic and very encouraging which really helped me to get back on track quickly. In line with my fitness levels, she set me a detailed plan of exercises as well as a training plan for achieving specific distance goals. She’s tailored sessions so that I complete a certain distances but combines it with speed training and strengthening exercises too. My stamina and fitness improved very quickly. Jana continues to motivate me and I’ve found my running gets better and better. It’s a wonderfully convenient way to exercise whilst being a busy mother and furthermore, it’s a pleasure to train and complete runs alongside Jana."

Brian: " I have been a member of running classes given by Richard for a year. I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes which have given me the confidence to enter for my first marathon.

Under his guidance I have also entered a number of other races in preparation for the marathon. My Parkrun times have also improved as a result of his well structured classes. I would have no hesitation in recommending classes offered by Richard to other runners, both experienced and newcomers. "

Samkeliso M.: " I can’t believe I can actually run non-stop for 30 minutes now! I am very excited about my progress considering that it wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t run for more than a few minutes. I never took time for myself. I didn’t feel good and I had no energy and my mood reflected it. I am so glad I found RunFit Essex. I began running with Jana and her advice and training program has definely been the answer for me. As a non-runner I was allowed to work at my own level and progress at a steady comfortable rate. You never know what you get from Jana because every running session is totally different. You have someone to motivate you for the whole hour. You also have support from group members. Jana will make sure you enjoy and also get the best from each running session. Now I actually look forward to running. I feel better and have energy again."

Jimmy: " I have been trained by Richard for a little while now and have to say it is of very high standard and the good thing is its not fixed on each class what we are doing as Richard is always open to suggestions on what other things we would like to do ie more circuit or more cardio or straight down the middle 50/50 etc. When training is done with others i do like the way a little competition is incorporated into the sessions which ultimetly make you want to work harder especially if you have a slightly competitive edge like myself. I highly recommend Richard as he is a great coach and more than happy to help you reach your goals what ever they maybe. "

Joanne: " My name is Joanne. I love exercising outside and never been one for the gym. First off, Jana is like having a fitness friend, she makes training interesting and varied. I feel I have learnt techniques from her to improve upon, and feel more confident in using these when I am running alone. We all know when doing any form of exercise alone, you can easily not push yourself to your full potential, however, while having fun, Jana always keeps one eye on the stopwatch waiting to signal the start of the next repetition."

Derek:  “ I have been working regularly with Richard since January 2014, during which time both my overall fitness level and general health have improved massively. As an accredited Athlefit Coach, Richard uses a variety of cardio and strength building exercises during the training sessions, which are tailored to my own goals. He is always encouraging, offering positive feedback to improve the training so that I get the maximum benefit out of each  session.

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