Running Coaching

1-2-1 Running Coaching

Small Group Training

1-2-1 Running Coaching

   5k to Marathon 

1-2-1 Coaching from, £30 for 45mins,  £35 for 60mins 

    Small Group Training     Small group sessions offer a cost effective alternative with the advantage of training with friends, still with the individual attention you deserve and can be negotiated separately

For more information please contact Richard on 07818005775

Both experienced runners and those just beginning their running journey can benefit from 1-2-1 Running Coaching.

Whether you are contemplating training for your first 5K race or are a seasoned runner looking to improve your performance, working with a running coach may help you reach your true potential.

A running coach can be a tremendous asset in helping you develop and improve your running form and technique. By removing much of the guesswork that comes from not knowing how to properly train, a coach can guide you through the process and design a personalised training program based on your current level of fitness and your future goals, which is a huge benefit. 

The sessions are always tailored to you, so even if you are just starting out, give us a call or drop us an email.

1-2-1 Running Coaching: from only £35 / hour

Tailored Running Plans

Tailored Running plans

   5k to Marathon 

Training Plans from  £10 per week

For more information please contact Richard on 07818005775

A training plan is an essential part of race preparation but can also be a huge help when you to get started with your running.

A personalised running plan will be tailored around you, your family life and work and will always be specific for your individual needs and goals. Unlike plans you find online, our tailored running plans are flexible and can be amended and adjusted should you get unwell or have other unexpected things popping up.

Individual running plans mean that you can focus on your running and don't have to worry about what you should and shouldn't be doing or if you are doing too much or not enough - it's all in the plan!

We always make sure that you find the plan challenging enough and realistic for your level and goals and always make sure you are on track. Strength and mobility routines are also included to help you stay healthy and prevent injuries.

Tailored Running Plans: £10 per week

If you are looking for a running group where you will make progress, be motivated, have fun and meet new people, RunFit Essex is the one for you!

One of the best ways to enjoy running is  with a group making new friends in the process. Running with other people is a great motivator for both new and experienced runners!

Your first steps into a new fitness regime can be the most difficult and sometimes daunting, but with our positive approach and encouragement we will help you overcome this barrier in no time. With years of running, our aim is to share our experience with you and make sure you enjoy running as much as we do.

Regardless of your ability, you will benefit from our group sessions.  We aim to design structured but fun, varied and social sessions where runners of different abilities can work at their individual level within the group.                          Why not come and try us?! 

Running Groups:

  • Tuesday's in Chelmsford 10:00-11:00

£5 per session. No membership fees, just pay as you go. All sessions need to be pre booked, so get in touch today!                             Please note: Sessions cancelled within 24hrs will still be charged.

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